I’M MOVING . . . AGAIN. #awkward

Hiiiii guys.


This is awkward, especially since I’ve already moved blog addresses once before. However, this time I’m completely sure about the decision I’m making to switch to Blogger.

*shocked gasp from readers*

YES! I did just say that. The first post is scheduled to go out Friday morning at exactly 7 AM to start off my new blog, For All Who Wander.

The reason why I’m making this jump is that in Blogger, you can add your own template FOR FREE through html code. It looks nice and professional, and I love the designing freedom. I think my new blog looks — and definitely will continue to improve and look — better than this one. It’s still in the very beginning of the design process, but I love the way it looks. It’s clean, minimal, and will look more professional as I begin to post and add widgets, etc.

It really stinks that I won’t be able to interact with you guys as much, though. I love the way WordPress works, but the pros of using Blogger won me over. I’ll still be just as active through my WordPress account in terms of liking, commenting, following, and continuing to befriend so many amazing people through the blogging world — I’ll just be posting on a different URL. The only thing that made me sad was that I’ll have to watch the stats of Classically Yours drop to nonexistent, just like I did with my first blog. In case you’ve never had to go through it, it’s traumatic (not really) and makes you feel kinda bad. 😦

AHEM. Back to business.

If you have a Gmail/Google Account, you can follow me through Blogger, too! Simply go to blogger.google.com and add my site to your reading list. It works like the WordPress Reader from there. And if you don’t have a Google account, you can still follow me through Bloglovin’ or recieve email updates through the form on the sidebar.

Love you all, and be sure to follow me at for-all-who-wander.blogspot.com! (It’s a Lord Of The Rings reference, in case you didn’t know.)

— xoxo, Sarah


just to be clear . . . (!)

Hey guys! Like I said before, I blog on a different blog now, but apparently, some things need clearing up.

I don’t blog on Classically Yours anymore. However, this blog is NOT in any way fair game for copying. This means sidebar graphics, my About pages, and phrases that I use. It’s quite easy not to copy this blog’s images and words. I’ve been very disappointed to see phrases and graphics from my blog scattered around without asking my permission, especially since some of them look identical except for a small font change.

Things that I don’t want copied:

Don’t use any phrases you think might suit your blog without giving credit.

Don’t make your blog icon exactly like mine.

If you see a post idea and want to use it, LINK BACK TO ME. PLEASE. It’s just polite, and chances are I’ll stumble upon that post at some point and know exactly where the idea originated from. (*cue hamilton music* don’t be surprised, you guys, cause i wrote em!)

Don’t make sidebar graphics that say “Here, Have A Button”, “What You Guys Like: Top Posts And Pages” and “Make My Day With A Follow” that look exactly like mine!

Make them your own, and your followers will be able to tell. Trust me, they’ll like your blog much better if it’s original, personal, and you were creative in coming up with it.

The entire blogosphere will deeply appreciate it if you come up with your own blog. Create a witty signature greeting, create a cute sign-off with a fun farewell phrase, just don’t take a sign-off, graphics, or ideas from another blogger. That said, I’d be more than happy to help you come up with your own signature phrases, titles for graphics, sign-off ideas, and taglines. Just leave me a comment over at for-all-who-wander.blogspot.com.

If you really want to use one or two ideas from my blog, just ask my permission through a comment. Chances are, I won’t refuse! For example, Grace @ The Girl Upstairs emailed me to ask if she could use my old tagline. I really appreciated her asking and was more than willing to hand over the tagline for this blog, which I don’t typically post on anymore.

I’m disappointed, but I’m not angry with anyone who found ideas in my blog. If you did, please change your graphics, ideas, or words, and we can all forget about it. There’s no need to feel awkward about it — just be nice and don’t take ideas, please. I’m sure I express these thoughts on behalf of other bloggers as well — it’s part of “blogging etiquette”. If you didn’t know this or are new to blogging, we totally get it. No biggie.

Thanks for reading all of that! I also wanted to make sure you all knew that I wasn’t pinpointing a group of people or anyone in particular. I’ve just seen it happening around and was a little shocked. I know for sure that this has to have happened to other bloggers in some direct or indirect way — yes, we notice it, and yes, we’d rather not see it happen.

If you agree that content shouldn’t be taken from any blog, leave me a comment and like this post! And check out my current blog @ for-all-who-wander.blogspot.com . 🙂


Sarah <33